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Miscellaneous here.

Post  Miscellaneous on Thu Mar 18, 2010 1:58 pm

I'm Javier, from the earth-shaken country of Chile. XD I live in the capital city, Santiago. I'm 16 years old, still in high school (2 more years!) and I want to study in a Law School. Wink

My hobbies are watching anime, playing role-playing and rhythm videogames and meeting with my friends.

My cousin introduced me to Tibia when I was like 10 years old. I first made a paladin thinking they were holy knights, but after learning they were archers I made another character and ended up choosing sorcerer. It was fun to make heavy magic missiles at level 9 - I stopped playing at around level 12, don't remember why...

From there, I sporadically played to Tibia over the course of many years and made characters in Lunara, Titania and Honera. Currently, my Honera and Titania characters still live, but I don't actively play them anymore. I have active characters on Inferna, Premia and Magera.

I've gathered a good deal of Tibian knowledge due to the fact I love reading the Wiki. My character Miscellaneous is the one I've leveled and trained the furthest, and I'm sure it'll be my definitive guy. Very Happy

I love to help newbies and I've getting some experience at teamhunts and training my skills at the moment. I wish to become a successful blocker and do a lot of difficult quests in teams!

I'm really looking forward to the success of Royalty. I really don't want it to be a short-lived experience again, and I already feel attached to many of you. I will contribute to the best of my ability, as well!

See you around!

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Re: Miscellaneous here.

Post  Acroniux on Thu Mar 18, 2010 10:35 pm

Good to have you with us Very Happy!!!
I feel like everyone in this guild... is gunna be good friends until we all quit.

Edit: I had no idea you were chilean o.o

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