A RE-Introduction

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A RE-Introduction

Post  Nykki on Thu Jul 08, 2010 5:05 pm

Character Name: Nykohl
Real Name: Jalena

Real Life Location: Arizona, USA

Level: 40

Vocation: Druid

Your main languages: English

How long you've been playing: Off and on since the mid 2000's. Joined Royalty in 2010.

Ever had a criminal record? Not in Tibia, the real-life one has been sealed...

Are any friends of yours in the guild already? I would have liked to say yes, everyone..but that isnt true anymore. Ive been thru a lot in my personal life since about May of this year and I am only stronger for it. I now have a clear mind and the time to re-dedicate to my online family. Some of you may resent me for my absence or lack of explanation but if thats the case I am more than willing to give you the answers you need.

Are any foes of yours in the guild? I would hope not but I am not so sure anymore.

What game world are you coming from? Magera.

What are your expectations of Royalty? I intend on proving myself and re-entering the ranks and hearts amongst our guild.

Will you be willing to participate in guild hunts, events, or quests put on by Royalty? Of course.

Provide a random fact about yourself in real life: The ducks are now in the wild, I am no longer married, and I have no idea what im doing with my life.. REAL enough?

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Re: A RE-Introduction

Post  Sir Coilhor Poltwick on Fri Jul 09, 2010 11:50 am

HEY! You could've mentionned Me :@

I'm still yo friend. And btw nice pic, rawr.
Sir Coilhor Poltwick

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Re: A RE-Introduction

Post  Acroniux on Sat Jul 10, 2010 1:30 am

Distribute respect; and you will earn it. When respect isn't delivered, there is no reason to receive it.

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Re: A RE-Introduction

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