Giok/Ninjassasin Curupted and Cabry/Master Kratos

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Giok/Ninjassasin Curupted and Cabry/Master Kratos

Post  Fendin on Tue Aug 03, 2010 1:48 am

This is posted as per Jean's request.

Whilst I was in Royalty as the rank Kael, which is the same authority as a Vice rank, an issue came to be. Cabry was hunting formorgar mines, and Giok entered the area, and after noticing Cabry was already hunting there, decided to lure 10+ creatures on him to either kill him, or persuade him to leave. After several attempts Giok was successful at forcing Cabry from the spawn. Once this was done, Cabry and his RL brother Master Kratos vowed to cause the same discomfort in playing to anyone in Royalty. Master Kratos then noticed I was training with mad sheep, and proceeded to kill them, followed by commenting to thank Giok. I inquired to why the sheep massacre occurred, and Master Kratos explained the story in a very heated form. Once hearing the details, I then inquired to Giok about what went on, and Giok verified what I heard was true, he admitted he was not the first one in the spawn, and that he lured on someone to force them from the spawn. He then laughed and thought it was quite hilarious. I inquired in guild chat to see if any leaders were on alts while messaging about what had happened. That my sheep were murdered because of a very wrongful act on the part of one of our members. And was requesting that a leader solve the matter diplomatically if I was unable to. Ninjassassin Curupted then chimed in and told me to relax and that he was taking care of it. He then invited the parties to a private chat, and told them to all relax and to go cry about their problems some more. I was informed that everything was being taken care of, and since Master Kratos had logged off, I decided to re-summon my precious sheep. Less than 3 minutes later, they lay dead on the ground beside me, as I read the words thank Giok once again, this time coming from Cabry. I messaged him and inquired as to what had happened, and informed him that I was under the impression that everything was being taken care of. I asked them if things were able to be handled diplomatically, and he told me that he didn't think our guild wanted to handle it diplomatically. I asked him what he meant by that, and he referred me to Ninjassasin Curupted, who had then told me about the private chat contents, thus worsening the matter. I was quite upset with the way things were handled, and voice that opinion as things were very much backwards compared to what should have happened. I informed them that I was appalled at the decision making skills of the guild and that I would take my sense of honour elsewhere, to a place where it is appreciated and nurtured, instead of a place where it is mocked and laughed at. Once I left Royalty, Cabry came to me personally and apologized profusely that it came to what it did, and paid me 4 spellwands for the lost sheep, and everything is fine between me Cabry, and Master Kratos. However I believe they will continue to pursue Royalty as they are still obviously very upset. During some of the aftermath there were also a lot of racial bashing against mexican players coming from Ninjassasin Curupted, and Giok was being a cohort in the matter. If you require any further details, please let me know. Thanks.



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Re: Giok/Ninjassasin Curupted and Cabry/Master Kratos

Post  Acroniux on Mon Aug 09, 2010 10:35 am

thanks, i came back and all you guys left the guild... i was like wtf happened...
but this explains it.

master kratos and ninja and giok always hated eachother and they just did it to eachother out of spite.

but anyways, it dont matter anymore since ninja, gio, and yourself left the guild

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