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Tanarus Gadrius

Post  Tanarus on Tue Aug 03, 2010 2:39 pm

Hello! I've been in the guild a few days now and I gotta say most everyones pretty friendly. My names Travis, and I work at the county 911 office. This means two things: My work hours vary all the time, so there is no one time I'm sure to be on-line. Also, I have some stories of the most retarded people alive.. and some deceased people that didn't survive their own stupidity.

My characters are Tanarus, Verran, Gorion, and Ethas, all of which end with the surname Gadrius. Tanarus is my main right now, the other three are mostly just for when I get bored of playing a sorcerer, which is rare. Ethas is on rook and has a rook set any guildie can borrow if they need it, just ask me. I'm willing to help anyone if I can at my current level. Whether you got stuck in a hole with no rope, need another character for the desert quest (I have a knight and sorc over level 20) or whatever I can do, just ask. I'm happy to help!

Also, I come from a long line of Roleplay guilds on other games. Ultima online, shadowbane, starwars galaxies, and a few others included. If you ever want a rp event of any kinds please include me!

-The Gadrius family seal-


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Re: Tanarus Gadrius

Post  Acroniux on Mon Aug 09, 2010 10:38 am

woot! someone else with a rook holding char xD
i rarely have my eq on my own holding char cuz everyones always asking to borrow it so sometimes i gotta say no

anyways, good to have ya Wink

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