My Application

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My Application

Post  Scervezerosc on Wed Sep 15, 2010 9:59 pm

Character Name:
- Scervezerosc
Real Name:
- Fernando

Real Life Location:
- Arequipa, Peru
- 60
- Elder Druid
Your main languages:
- Spanish, with a moderate English
How long you've been playing:
- Two Years and 6 Months
Ever had a criminal record?
- I had 1 for using an unofficial software to play, was the first months I play Tibia , I did not know it was a bot, let alone knew it was an unofficial software, I hope you can understand this.
Are any friends of yours in the guild already?
-No, This is my first character here.
Are any foes of yours in the guild?
-No Shocked
What game world are you coming from?
- From Grimera.
What are your expectations of Royalty?
- My expectative in Royalty and in Magera are make social life , Help everyone who needs my help, enjoy the game with my mates Very Happy
Will you be willing to participate in guild hunts, events, or quests put on by Royalty?
- Yes, of course. I will try to support in all events of the guild
Provide a random fact about yourself in real life
- Well.... I am a percussionist, I play the drums and other percussion instruments Cool



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Re: My Application

Post  Sir Coilhor Poltwick on Thu Sep 16, 2010 5:31 am

how did u came up with such a name ? lol

and i say: A DRUID, omg take him.
Sir Coilhor Poltwick

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