Gar'feild Odie's Application

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Gar'feild Odie's Application

Post  Gar'feild Odie on Fri Sep 17, 2010 2:33 am

Character Name: Gar'feild Odie
Real Name: Mike D

Real Life Location: Cincinnati, Ohio, usa

Level: 73

Vocation: Knight

Your main languages: English

How long you've been playing: Jesus, too long... uhmm somewhere between 9 years - 11 years.

Ever had a criminal record? Nope

Are any friends of yours in the guild already? Not yet.

Are any foes of yours in the guild? Nope.

What game world are you coming from? This character is from Trimera.

What are your expectations of Royalty? A cool place to chat, and when I'm feeling the boredom rolling in, I have some people to turn too.

Will you be willing to participate in guild hunts, events, or quests put on by Royalty? Sure, as long as I'm on to do it, and got enough time when I am.

Provide a random fact about yourself in real life. I got two. One, I have a two year old daughter in real life named "Storm". Next, the only thing that comes close to how much time I've spent on tibia is Guitar, and that still is 2 years behind Tibia.

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