About Royalty and Recruitment form.

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About Royalty and Recruitment form.

Post  Acroniux on Thu Apr 01, 2010 11:20 am

Hello! We'd love to get to know you a little better before adding you to the guild. As you can probably see, we use this forum quite often for screenshots, and other guild offline chatting. We do not use the forum on Tibia.com because of the simple fact that things are censored a little more there. =P

A little about Royalty first:
- We are all very friendly; as that is what the guild is based on. Friendship.
- We tend to be quite active in guild chat with a lot of very open-minded people.
- Quite a bit of us tend to have pretty crude humour, so try not to take things too seriously or personally when someone says something you don't like.
- We are always helpful as much as possible.
- We try to hold events here and there for cash/items or other incentives.
- We do not want a guildhall you may have noticed on the forum as the vast majority of our members are premium with a house already, and we all agreed that a guildhall would just add unnecessary costs.
- Once we get a higher leveled knight and druid in the guild, we are planning on doing quite a bit of guild hunts and quests. Right now, Sir Coilhor Poltwick and I can clear the majority of the quests, but nothing major.
- We accept all levels and any vocation as long as you stay active.

- Do not clearly and blatantly demean any guild member.
- Do not try to harm a guild member in any way.
- If you have any alternate characters in the guild, you must use the same nick.
- We will not accept botters.
- You must speak english in guild chat.
- You must stay active.
- You must at least register on this forum and introduce yourself as that is our way at getting to know you Smile

1. King - Leader.
2. Councillor - Vice-Leader. People who can be trusted to take over as leader when the leader is away.
3. Kael - Players who have proven to be an asset to the guild, helping others and participating in guild hunts/quests/forum.
3. Noble - Players who have proven to be active in game and on guild-chat.
4. Butler - Alternate characters. (Noble rank required)
5. Extended - Players with justified inactivity. Inactive Citizens will not be promoted to this rank.
6. Citizen - The trial rank. Upon joining the guild, you will be placed in this rank until you have proven to be an active member.

Now, this is what we would like from you:

Character Name:

Real Name:
Your main languages:

How long you've been playing?

What game world are you coming from?

Ever had a criminal record?

Are any friends of yours in the guild already?

Are any foes of yours in the guild?

Are you easily offended by racist/sexist/poop related/sexualy oriented jokes?

What are your expectations of Royalty?

Will you be willing to participate in guild hunts, events, or quests put on by Royalty?

Provide a random fact about yourself in real life Smile

Thanks, and we hope to see you in Royalty!

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Re: About Royalty and Recruitment form.

Post  Sir Coilhor Poltwick on Thu Sep 16, 2010 11:26 pm

Recruitment is from now on CLOSED.

Invitations only.
Sir Coilhor Poltwick

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