Acroniux/Larce Mage

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Acroniux/Larce Mage

Post  Acroniux on Wed Mar 17, 2010 9:32 am

Eh niggguuuhhhhs!

I'm Cody. From the great country also known by others as Canada (not a damn frenchie like Sir Coilhor~ though Wink XD)
I tend to be well known for my blacklist on's forums, but really I could care less if you bot or not, so don't feel like you have to keep something a secret from me lol I was just bored one day at school and it was said that we should have one, so I was the one who made it.

I moved here mainly from Chimera, but I also have characters (level 30~+) in: Thoria, Trimera, Guardia, Selena, Ocera, Premia, Calmera, Dolera, Eternia, Furora, and Inferna.

I moved to Magera because Chimera got so out of hand with the power abuse and Brazilian rule that it was just getting almost impossible to play properly. I got hunted indefinitely because of something I did 4 years ago and now that the guy I did it to is level 215~+ and in the leading guild, he can keep trying to kill me.

I'm a pretty quick leveler. Don't really care about skills much till maybe level 100+. I KNOW I HAVE A SHIT ML! SO STFU JS!

My war team is Mister Juice, Feruboy, Jahfarr, and a couple others that don't play this server. Although, I always got Sir Coilhor~'s back.

As for RL... I live in southern Ontario... go to university... im not really much of a gamer other than tibs, more of a skater Razz

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Re: Acroniux/Larce Mage

Post  Sir Coilhor Poltwick on Thu Mar 18, 2010 1:33 pm

fuck... it's hard to hate you for calling me frenchie after saying u got my back...


+ I actyaly assume and like the fact I'm a frenchie pretty well. French roxx. Twisted Evil
Sir Coilhor Poltwick

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